Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle

Artikel-Nr.:  XN-Lightning 4530-480F
Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle - Bild 1
Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle - Bild 2
Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle - Bild 3
Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle - Bild 1Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle - Bild 2Xnova Lightning 4530-480KV F-Welle - Bild 3
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We have spent hours of testing to improve the very well established 4530 series. The result is an even better overall performing motor and increased efficiency. This all will provide you a cooler running motor and also more consistent power delivery over the full flight. The Xnova V3 lightning series is the highest level of motor performance money can buy nowadays.

Xnova brushless high performance outrunner motor designed for extrem 3D performance in 690-770mm helicopter where highest power to weight ratio is important. 12S and specially for 14S optimised. Also a superb coice for F3C  700-750 blade lenght class helicopters.

    Improved higher efficiency with thinner stator lamination, designed with integrated cooling system resulting in lower temperature.
    Increased power output by the use of thicker hand wound YY single strand copper wires, heat resistant up to 300 degrees C.
    High-performance neodymium magnets, heat resistant up to 180 degrees C.
    All other features same as XTS series.

6 mm
Freie Wellenlänge
55 mm
Lochabstand Befestigung
30 mm / M4
Max. Dauerleistung (Watt)
Technische Daten
Reglerempfehlung 130-200A
Umdrehungen / KV
700er Trainer x
800er Trainer x