Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4

Artikel-Nr.:  HW30215100
Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4 - Bild 1
Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4 - Bild 2
Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4 - Bild 1Hobbywing Platinum 60A V4 - Bild 2
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Einsatzbereich: 300-480 Heligrösse

Excellent Motor Governing Speed
High-performance 32-bit processor with a running frequency of 72MHz combined with advanced algorithm optimizes the speed governing.
Together with the adjustable governor parameters guarantees every pilot a precise control experience.
High Voltage Built-in BEC 

The built-in switch mode BEC with an adjustable voltage range from 5V to 8V, a continuous current of over 7A and peak current of 18A can supply enough power for your servos to operate efficiently.

DEO Technology
The DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization, or so called "Active Freewheeling")
technology implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages.
● Quicker response to the throttle change.
● Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
● Lower ESC temperature and a more reliable operation.
Multiple Protections
Multiple protection features include, ESC thermal, capacitor thermal (HOBBYWING-patented technology), ESC overload, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and low voltage cutoff effectively prolongs the service life of the ESC.
Ampere ESC
60 x
3 - 6S x
Ja Switch Mode:5-8V,7A
Gewicht 49 g
Breite 30 mm
Länge 48 mm
Höhe 15,5 mm
Dauerstrom 60A
Spitzenstrom 80A
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