XPERT SI-2201 HV Digital Servo

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Product Description
XPERT SI-2201 HV Digital Servo
Brushless motor design provides extremely high speed, top efficiency, and low power consumption.
4096 resolution and SIC (Single Integrated Circuit) for the highest performance and durability.
Light weight design
Aluminum middle case for optimized thermal dissipation.
Strong Metal Gear
Sophisticated error correction
High-Speed, High-precision 12-bit AD converter and CPU calculation
Fail safe
Over current protection
Over temperature protection
Start sonorant
Dimensions: 40×37.80×20 mm
Weight: 62.50 g
@6.0V: .049 sec/60
@7.4V: .040 sec/60
@8.4V: .035 sec/60
@6.0V: 5.40 kg-cm (74.95 oz-in)
@7.4V: 6.66 kg-cm (92.44 oz-in)
@8.4V: 7.56 kg-cm (104.93 oz-in)