Heli Service Point

Building, setup and programming help

You're thinking about getting your first RC helicopter, but don't feel comfortable with the idea of dealing with all the setup stuff and are unsure how to get all those components working? Or you've thrown yourself into building the model and want a professional to do the programming? - That's where we come in.

Helikopter Baumann offers its customers a unique Heli Service Point

At Helikopter Baumann you have the possibility to build up your model bought from us in our workshop with our tools, to adjust it under the help of a professional and to program it.

Or you have the possibility to have your model checked by us after your own assembly and to have it adjusted and programmed by us.

It does not matter whether it is a scale, F3C, speed or 3D heli. Thanks to a versatile experience in the various disciplines, you are guaranteed a top service.

Test flight

After setup and programming, we are also there for you during the test flight. We fly in your model and make sure that it flies optimally. The test flight can take place with or without you, depending on what you prefer.

We guarantee you a flawless model that flies cleanly.


If you have purchased the whole model from Helikopter Baumann, the programming and test flight is also free of charge. (Condition: You must be present during the setup and test flight, so that you can complete various work, such as wiring, blade balancing or corrections to the mechanics under our instruction/help).

If you do not want to be there, we will charge you for our work on a time and material basis.

Building service

Besides the building and adjusting help we offer, it is also possible to have the model completely built and flown by us. For this we have some package offers, which you can find here.

The package deals refer to trainer models that were purchased from us.

Scale projects

Have you always dreamed of flying an original scale model? We can help you to realize this dream.

As the leading specialist store for scale helicopters in Switzerland with over 24 years of experience, we offer not only interesting fuselage models, whether of our own design or from another supplier, such as Vario, but also our own mechanics and scale attachments.       
So you can realize by us or together with us various nice, cool and above all true to original models.

We would be happy to make you an offer for the assembly of your dream model.

Please contact us by mail or phone and we will help you.