OMP M4 blue

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OMP M4 blue - Bild 1
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OMP M4 blue - Bild 5
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•Large, powerful direct drive main motor, belt driven tail rotor
•Compact and symmetric servo layout for easy access and excellent flight performance
• Large pitch range main rotor design for extreme control power in any situation, ±14° collective pitch with ±14° cyclic pitch possible
•High precision, long throw tail mechanics for easy setup, precise control and virtually unlimited tail power
•Highly compact flight mechanics design, providing excellent rigidity and high vertical CG
•RotorTech 385 Ultimate, the best performing 380 size blade on the market, included as the standard blade
•Four attractive, highly visible canopy color schemes for optimal in flight visibility
•Flying weight: appx. 1350g


  • Airframe
  • Main motor
  • ESC
  • Servos
  • Main and Tail Blades
450er x
800 - 999 mm x
6S / 22,2V x
Skill Level
Anfänger x
Fortgeschrittene x
Professionell x
Combo x
Elektro x
Technische Daten
Rotor Durchmesser 875mm
Rotorblattlänge 385mm
Heckrotor Durchmesser 190mm
Heckrotorblattlänge 72mm
Durchmesser Hauptrotorwelle 8mm
Durchmesser Blattlagerwelle 5mm
Durchmesser Heckrotorwelle 5mm
Modell Länge 786mm
Modell Höhe 225mm
Modell Gewicht 1350g
Regler 60A 60A
Spezifikationen für benötigtes Zubehör
Taumelscheibenservo DS2312C 4.6kg
Heckservo DS2312T 3kg
Bausatz x
Motor x
Regler x
Taumelscheibenservo x
Heckservo x
Hauptrotorblätter x
Heckrotorblätter x
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