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Prolux Vorglüheinheit / Automatic Glow Igniter - Bild 1 - Zum Vergrößern hier klicken!
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Prolux Automatic Glow Igniter with Indicator
    This glow ignitor is the perfect remote glow solution for your aircraft or helicopter.
    You just simply press the button & once the red light comes on you start your engine.
    The unit will automatically shut off after 20 seconds.
    Working off any spare channel on your receiver and operating at 4.8-6v,
    4.8-6.0V power regulator is suitable for many different model engines
    Ignition will remain 20 seconds automatically
    Pulse transfer system, low current, low dissipation
    Glow connector design is easy to fixed ignition
    Compact and Portable (30g)